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Original | Scanlation: hikari_kaitou, y4nderenka, spaghettifelice
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Denmark experienced a nightmare where the Swedish army, thought to be stuck in a sea blockade, attacked on the impossibly frozen sea by foot.

The moment they came hulking along on the ice, it seemed the Danish army really lost their will to fight and suggested, "Hang on hang on, let's stop fightin' already" and, on 26 February 1658, they signed the Treaty of Roskilde which incorporated a lot of strict conditions for Denmark.

After this, Denmark experienced an additional nightmare where he wakes up in the morning and Sweden is in his house, but that's another story.

Anyway, it's funny that Netherlands took to making money.

The troops, which proceeded on the ice, were restless,
but, I really wouldn't recommend it as a battle tactic since it usually ends up like this.

■Denmark and Sweden's friendly relations■

■And Then in the End, He Couldn’t Raise the Taxes■

As a result of thinking various things about how Norway was really trying his very best, too, it seems he held off on raising taxes for quite a while.

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