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Original | Scanlation: moriyama-umi, xue
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■Miss Hungary's Condition■

Generally speaking, there's an image that Medieval Europeans did not take baths.
Surprisingly, however, for a period of time, they enjoyed going to public bathhouses.
And there was also mixed bathing.
Also at that time, there were nearly 30 public bathhouses in Paris.

However, as people could see others naked, some would become aroused.
It is said that professionals of the oldest occupation started to congregate
in these public bathhouses. Soon after, infectious diseases spread across Europe.
"Taking a bath will make you sick."
As this rumor spread, the bath culture quickly fell out of favor.

To think "this conduct happening in the baths" or not...

Thus, this custom of bathing in Europe disappeared
in order to protect oneself from infectious diseases.
Also at this time, there were showers
so it's not as if they didn't bathe at all.

Incidentally, Hungary taught its love of hot spring culture to Turkey,
which still follows it to this day. In the past, Turkey built a grand hot spring
that still survives today for the general public to enjoy.
Of course, there is also mixed bathing.

■That Time on April Fool's Day■

T/N: Itadakimasu is typically said before someone begins eating a meal.
The literal meaning is "I am about to partake (in what is in front of me)"
Just a note, Hungary refers to herself with the masculine pronoun -
ore - probably to emphasize her tomboyish-ness/tough-ness.

T/N: Aniki means older brother. In another strip
Korea pissed off China and Japan
by saying he was the oldest out of the three of them
and that they should call him "older brother."

■After the Matter■

■The Others Join In■

Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.