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■Our Disaster Continues■

You know, we're kind of...

■It's Behind You■

Even the Chinese escapes in terror.

■Stranger Like Me■


Why are there Chinatown all over the world, while the Japantown disappears.

There are actually Japantown in various places like Los Angeles, Shanghai, Manila and so forth,
but today, these places known as Japantowns are actually inhabited by Chinese and Koreans.

Many overseas Japanese who lived in the Japanesetowns end up marrying the locals.
Eventually, the Japanese blood and culture grew thinner,
leading to the disappearance of the Japantowns.
It seems that Japanese assimilate more readily compared to other races,
therefore Japantowns don’t last.

Also, the Spanish word ‘Japón’ actually means ‘Japan’ and it would seem
that families whom bear this name usually have Japanese ancestors.

There were a lot of cases where the Overseas Chinese who build
the Chinatowns throughout the world marries into the same Chinatown community and
because it is a very close community, their culture and customs were eternally preserved.
Speaking of which, it seemed that those who were born and bred
in New York’s Chinatown could only speak Cantonese.

Apart from the main places like New York, Yokohama, Paris, Rome, Milan, London –
Chinatown can also be found in other places like United Arab Emirates’ Dubai,
Nauru Republic, New Caledonia, Africa’s Madagascar, Mauritius.
There are also small communities mixed in the little islands of the Indian Ocean. Amazing!

But there is really none in Korea. The Chinatown there is only a shell.
It is a great mystery.

Also, the food that Italy is eating is not Gyoza, it is actually a Shaomai.

T/N: Chinese shaomai. The Japanese-Spanish family.

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