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Original | Scanlation: youkofujima, konkira
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At this time, America was industrializing,
and it became cheaper to mass produce a ton of stuff really quickly.
Thus, he beat UK in producing, and took the title of #1 in the world!
It was pretty damn sweet for America.

He got a bit over-zealous and made tons of stuff…
but then the situation was demand < supply.
The city was brimming with all the mass produced items, and they weren’t selling.
Plus the country-side went into an economic slump just at the right time,
so they couldn’t buy anything there.

"There’s no choice! I’ll sell this overseas!” …or so he thought.

And right on cue, Russia became socialist and started saying, “Oh, I’m not gonna buy your stuff.”

So it plunged into a state of: bit of demand<<<(A HUGE UNSCALABLE WALL)<<<<<supply...

And then America’s stocks started dropping…

“Black Thursday”



And then the wind of economic depression blew cruelly through the world.

■World Meeting■

Capitalist nations were all hugely affected by the depression,
but because Russia was socialist,
he didn’t have any sort of financial relations with other nations
and thus it was as though nothing happened to him.

■Farewell, America■

Because UK, France, and America had colonies,
they somehow managed to get past the worst…

But Germany, Italy, and Japan, being without colonies,
got damaged rather harshly to the point
where even their marrow was being gnawed upon.

Germany had to pay for the daunting compensation of World War I.
Italy was impoverished due to the fact that he could not adapt
to the changing times and industrialize fast enough.
And Japan is suffering from a second bought of SUPER ECONOMIC SLUMP.

These three nations were pretty deeply hurt.

And from this appeared Italy and Germany’s bosses.
The overture of this crisis will become rather (;·∀·)

Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.