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■ America's Situation with Ghosts ■

■ American Ghosts Show Off Too Much ■

■ Corpse ■

23% of Americans believe in or have encountered ghosts.
And American ghosts are all a bunch of show-offs.

America's scary TV shows are so terrible that they make me laugh.

Ghosts are spreading even among ordinary people.
Security cameras see ghosts wandering around.
You take a picture of some scenery, and there'll be a ghost posing in the photo.

One that made me laugh a lot was of a photograph of an assembly like ones in Japan,
but there was a ghost standing right there in the middle.
The ghost didn't even have its trademark transparency.

It's like Americans show off even after they die.

The other day, everyone was getting all excited in the TV room, so I
went to take a look and they were showing these kinds of photographs
while screaming on a ghost TV show. It was like the stuff I mentioned above.?

But if you looked closely only the Chinese guy was grinning.

But the scene with the scary-faced 666 kid standing in the back was really scary,
and yet for some reason everyone else burst into laughter.
It was very strange.


[T/N: The video games Japan is holding are the horror games
"Siren" and "Daiobake Yashiki: Hamamura Jun no Jitsuwa Kaidan".]

Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.