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LJ Post

■Chinese Copy■

China has an incredible copy moe.
If the video summary has something like that written in it, of course no one will buy it!
Also, it seems like he got it from this blog.

T/N: The first link leads to a blog about how this guy saw a Chinese copy of Howl's Moving Castle,
but the summary had spelling mistakes all over it. The second link seems to be 404'd, so I don't know what it's about.

■Nihilistic Smile■

For some reason, China's Hello Kitty has a mouth.
When I went to Chinatown, I saw so many dolls with a nihilistic smile, I couldn't stop smiling.
This is the kind of face Hello Kitty would make when she thinks of wicked things.

■Delicacy from China■

It seems like in China, Nomura's Jellyfish could be a delicacy.
And, I think for Japan to eat it like this or this, is cute in some way.

T/N: Nomura's Jellyfish, or Echizen Kurage in Japanese, are these giant
jellyfishes that had a sudden population growth in some areas of Japan.
Although it's real reason is unclear, most people seem to think it's because of China.
Read more about it here.
The first link is about how the Japanese fought against the sudden increase
by coming up with different ways to eat them. (Those buggers are HUGE. It's kind of creepy)
The second link is about how they put it in ice cream
and the third link is about how they put it in youkan (it's like a red bean sweet).
Apparently, both of them were pretty good.

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