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Original | Scanlation: dawnelkin, minjii
LJ Post

【Fierce Fighting! Asia Academy】

【Stopping your opponent's attack on your sense of taste! Asia Academy】


A health carbonated drink with an extremely unique taste
that became the talk of town in the dawning days of the Internet.
You can drink it when it's lukewarm.

1. McCol is some kinda weird drink that's produced by Korea. Apparently it tastes like a mix of wheat tea and cola. >.>

2. "Ah" is something some Chinese people like to tag on at the end of sentences. (Editor: as opposed to "Aiyah" which is more commonly used as an exclamation or at the start of sentences, I assume)

3. "Crunchy" was the only thing we could find in relation to the SFX "saku saku." Correct us if wrong!

4. "Bunny" as in.. bunny ears. Note Korea's hand with the peace sign~ v(> フo)

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