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Original | Scanlation: donamoeba

【 The sea turtles are also worried】

【Baby Turtles】

It seems that an unusual happening occurred in which a number of baby
sea turtles went astray at a coastal restaurant in Calabria, Italy.

Since Calabria has always put great efforts in the protection
of these precious sea turtles, this news became quite the talk of town locally.


A region rich in natural resources at the "toe" part of the boot-shaped Italy.
Olive cultivation is very prosperous there.
Spanish influence is strong in this area and the
region's dialect is a hybrid of Spanish and Italian.

It's also a place where you will find many sightseeing spots famous for strange and
beautiful streets that look like the buildings have descended from the cliffs.

But you'll have to hold your rucksack like this!

【SSC Napoli】

This is a soccer team from the city of Naples, Italy.
In the past it was a famous team that won a lot of championships.
By the way, in the year the turtle incident occurred, they ranked 12th in Series A.

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