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Original | Scanlation: rabieskatten, eruraito, hirothepenguin, so_ma3103, mknsen08
LJ Post

【Licorice Candy】

Black candy eaten often in Denmark, Norway, and Iceland that
uses a very sweet plant called licorice. If you eat it without
knowing what it is, you can see aurora- a Nordic-made berserker.

It is sold in candy vending machines in America, in cute packages,
looking like red gummy which makes you think that it's candy.
But if you eat it thinking it's candy, you go through hell.

※Candy Vending Machine
Very useful vending machine that's in every American dorm or school
which sells mini-sized candy whenever you want it at around 50~200 Yen.

【Nordic Joke】

Probably because the five Nordic countries have too variant and
interesting personalities, there are quite a lot of jokes.

T/N: Dialect notes for RP-ers/Doujinkas/etc on THIS POST

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