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Original | Scanlation: spaceinvaderdud
LJ Post

Britain had been repeatedly beaten up by Germany in the African war front ever since Germany arrived;
however, Britain managed to turn the tables in El Alamein. The British army was pursuing the
Axis forces of Germany and Italy in Africa now.

And that's when the American army arrived.
The American forces, who were complete beginners in fighting in Africa, made quite a lot of blunders when they arrived.

1. They were superbly optimistic.
We're strong so we'll get by!

2. They were marvelously simplistic.
It seems the battle hardened Britain had to explain in great detail on why this plan was a bad one and the plan was eventually rejected.

3. They were simply creating more unnecessary work.
America's boss viewed Britain's boss as a rival!
This 'rivalry' was the cause of many competitions on the battlefield and other pointless things!

"Germany? Let's kick their ass!" The American army went into battle with this enthusiastic mentality,
but due to the army's inexperience in fighting in Africa and 'America's strong! We can do something!' mindset,
the American army received a severe welcoming from Germany. After that, the Italian army captured a parachute brigade.
America's debut in Africa was unpleasant indeed.

Due to really poor communication and logistic support from both sides,
The Britain-American Allied Forces retreated, leaving behind their equipment.

For Soviet Russia, this was a delicious opportunity.

Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.