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The Statue of Liberty was a gift given to by France, who worked extremely hard on it, to celebrate the centennial of America's independence.
When it first arrived to America, however, it was in pieces and it needed to be reassembled.
This project needed a lot of money too so the citizens of NY and the statue assembly workers were reluctant to give funds.

"If NY can't assemble the statue, I can take over and assemble it in my home~!"
It seems this was said often at the time.
If they really had given up on assembling it at the time, the statue would of stood somewhere else. It would be strange to see if you think about it.


And thus the Statue of Liberty became a symbol to the many immigrants that watches over New York.
By the way, the Lady is a green person.

Seeing the Statue of Liberty up close was cool and had quite an impact, but if you view the statue from the ferry heading to Staten Island, it's magnificent!
Staten Island is also very heartwarming and it's a good island.
There's also another view of the statue from Brooklyn Heights Promenade that I recommend, though she does look a bit smaller from there.

There's a smaller statue of the Statue of Liberty in Paris, given as a thank you from the citizens of America, lying cozily next to a bridge in the Ile des Cygnes.
I went there to see it, but I forgot to take pictures of it...

The number of times the Statue of Liberty has been destroyed in movies is bizarre!
The White House and the two monuments above also meet with a lot of disasters.
On the opposite end, Mr. Tokyo Tower's secure rate of survival in a world apocalypse scene is abnormally high.

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