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Last time during "The War of Austrian Succession" Silesia was stolen from Austria. Among other things, Silesia was a very important area of Austria for its growing textile industry.

Austria's bosses went to incredible lengths in order to retrieve it.

■Maria Theresa and the Seven Years’ War■

This change of Austria's friends that Maria Theresia carried out was called the 'Diplomatic Revolution' and apparently caused a huge shock throughout Europe. This revolution meant that France, who until then was in charge of crushing Austria's army, suddenly became his best friend, throwing the whole balance of friendships and alliances into disarray.

France: "Army to Crush Austria, onward!"
Army to Crush Austria: "Eyy, let's crush Austria!"
(On the opposite side Austria calls after France)
France: I'll be right there!

Army to Crush Austria: "Whaaaaaaaaat!! What are we supposed to do now?"

■On the other hand, Japan at around that time■

Somehow, so high spirited-ly~
T/N: Tho the 7 years war happened round 1756-1763,
while this little project started at around 1771... Mehh IDK
The Kaitai Shinsho (解体新書) is a translation of German Dr. Kulmus'
"Ontleedkundige Tafelen", also referred to as "Tafel Anatomia"

■The country that only wears skirts■

The country that only wears skirts.

For a long time, Maria Theresia wasn't blessed with a male heir, and as she gave birth to a third daughter, Friedrich made fun of her saying that "Austria is a country that only wears skirts."

But not long after that, a little boy Joseph was born.

Austrian citizens celebrated Joseph's birth by turning to Prussians and saying, "How's that? Now we're wearing breeches!"

Prussia's original joke was good but Austria's answer is somehow even more cute.

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