Original: Kitayume
LJ Post, 2


Hey, hey hold on a bit.
It's Christmas, try to be friendly today.
...No way
Please. I thought of something interesting.
Could you at least hear me out?
What is it?

I want to take a picture of you like this!
Everyone will love it!
You're in a great position to become the center of attention!
Stop thinking of stupid things. Go home.
Oh well. I thought it was a nice idea.
I guess it's back to the drawing board then
If you don't disappear while I'm tying my shoelace,
I'm going to flip you over
I'll be the tree then!
Romano can be Santa and You can be the reindeer.
How about that!?

You st....


*footsteps coming closer*


Ok! Let's keep things going!
Denmark, if you're watching this broadcast I have bad news.
I ate your piece of the cake...
Oh no, you finished it off.

Hey I'm gonna go take a piss!!
Ah, old man...

...what is all of this.
That guy in the photo's mighty suspicious...

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