Original: Kitayume
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….Ah, damn it.
That was a horrible Christmas.
I would have to agree with you there.
Maybe it’ll just feel like a dream once we go to sleep and wake up?
It’s better if it was all a dream.
They were bothersome, but I’m sad they’re gone.
…Also Sea-kun’s been awake since 9AM,
so I’m beginning to get worried that I’ll be scolded.
To think there’s a feline version of myself in a parallel word…
I’d rather it be a dream…
Personally I’d like to have seen it.
The feline version of myself.
…Let’s head home. All the missing nations should start returning now.
But compared to that sexual deviant,
at least they had a legitimate reason for…
…? Hey? Come to think of it, where is he?
I’m sleepy! Nighty night!
That's right. It was all just a dream.
Is that so. Good night.
I’m going home and prepare for Christmas again.
I’ll try and have a normal day tomorrow.

That was quite the ordeal…
It wasn’t all bad.
Right now I feel as ecstatic knowing that I can get in a sauna again.
Most people aren’t able to think so optimistically.
It seems like there’s something in front of us…
It’s a letter!
I wonder what it says?

Dear, People of the parallel world who look like us,

Su-san! Good morning!
We’ve returned!
Are, you, O…K?
Yes! I’m fine.
It’s strange but I actually feel great…
…What’s. This.
Su-san, I have a feeling you should open that when you’re feeling more relaxed…
Good morning!
There’s something round and soft…
Is this going to develop into a romantic comedy….
I think you should wait a bit before opening your eyes Estonia…
Now I’m bespectacled hottie popular with the ladies! *wakes up*
Aaaah!! They’re just my pets!!
That’s why I said you should wait.

…I had to strip in front of people.
Ice-kun! Were you the one who got us..?!
Don’t worry me like that.
…Ah. Sorry, ‘bout that.
It’s all Denmark’s fault…
He pushed all the blame on Ta-san!!
I was so worried I felt like collapsing.
Ice-kun. I’m sorry we made you worry.
I’m, still worried!
We’ve got to find Dan! He’s gone!
Ice. Can you wait 10 second…?
No. Hurry. Search now.
He’s right! If he’s missing we should hurry and look for him!!
6, 5, 4…
What’s wrong!?
Maybe I should search for him too…
3, 2, 1…





Thank you for staying with me for so long.
In all honesty I was actually thinking of going around to each character in detail, but instead I focused on finishing the story making it my main goal.

Also, after all the events Denmark was treated very kindly by the Nordics for the whole day.
When Denmark appears in the main comic, he will have a frightening impression so it’s nice to have a day like today.

France-niisan is a behind the scenes player so…↓↓
He got all the goodies.


Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.