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Happy New Years!

Ohhh, itís already the new year!
I wish you all a happy New Year.
Iím going to finish up the new main page illustration.

Well it was only for that one day.

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years!
Thank you for so many things in 2010.
I hope to see you in 2011 too.

I uploaded an after story type thing.
And with that Christmas has finally come to an end.
Thank you so much for keeping up with me this whole week!

It's 2011 in Japan, huh.

The last comic I uploaded in 2010 was that!! Hyahaaa!!

Thank you, 2010.

The next update: 12 O'clock.

The next update time.

The next update will be around 7PM~ ←Sorry, it's going to be around 8PM.
Shitís gonna go down.


This time's update looks something like this.

It came!!

I canít believe that f***ed up manga!* I bought the DVDÖ.

Itís almost the end.
Thank you very much for putting up with such a long Christmas.
The latter half has been slow in coming, and I apologize.
Which dog will run off with the bone..!?**
And are Finlandís nether bits, that were being hidden by his hands, safeÖ!?

Next update at around Noon.

*A phrase from a character from the 70ís anime series ChargeMan Ken!
**Alluding to the proverb: Two dogs fight for a bone and the third runs away with it

You can do it!!

This update's parts.↑
I tried!

We might reach New Years

Next update at 6AM
I want to draw the big reveal soon!

Attack of New Year's Eve

If there wasnít a phone call I would have fallen asleep at the computer so Iím thankful for phones!
The updates have been posted late each time today and Iím sorry for that.
I had a good sleep and my mind is clear now.
Next update at around 1AM.

Also I saw a news piece about how the British seem to have a tendency to end up making their cats fat.
I wonder if they spoil them too much.

I think Iíll make some ramen* to pass the year

A requested picture of Switzerland.
In a bit more, all the characters will have appeared.

The next update will be around 9PM.
Iíll do my best to try and not be late.

When itís cold I find myself yearning for my grandmotherís kotatsu.
Kotatsus are nice arenít they.

*In Japan it's custom to eat soba(buckwheat noodles) on New Year's Eve. Himaruya is substituting ramen for it.


For the draft there are two of them.

Just a bit more...!

Just a bit more. I'll do my best!
Next update around 4PM


Additional Note: Nothing like this would happen if a 'normal' human caught the countries, so the shadow isn't human.

Next update at around 1PM

Mochi Mochi

A scrapped manga.
Iím sorry Iím taking time in finishing updating.
Iím going to go take a nap. Next update at around 11AM.

Ok the end of the year!

Bobobobobo the next update is around 8AM.

GOGO Cameroon

I'm really sorry for being late...!
For the next update I have illustrations to colour so it'll be a long pass and be around 6AM

An unexpected problem.

There was something that ended up taking some time, so the update is going to be a little late.
Thank you for all the requests and feedback!
Itís all thank to all of you that Iím able to spend a fun Christmas and end of the year.

Howardís grandson.

The next update is planned to be around 8PM.

Easily beaten Prussia.

The one that wasnít used.

Rough Prussia

I need to change the TOP.
Next update around 5. The main character still hasn't shown up.

You reckless fool.

Bananas are amazing!
The next update will be at 3:00.

Battling with 2010.

The next planned update is at 1PM!
Iím casually folding requests into the story.(^し^)

Bright eyed Sealand

Think of that young man as being something like a secretary or something!
The next update is around 10AM.


I updated! I'm very sorry for making you wait...
The next update is around 7

Sorry for being lateÖ

Iím so sorry that the 1AM update is late in coming.
Iíll have it updated by 3AM

I Uploaded

I'm sorry for being late I've uploaded everything!
Next update time 1AM.
My goal is to finish Christmas 2010 within this year.

Battling with 2010

I'm sorry for being late. The update has been pushed back to around 10PM.

Oh, next year is the year of the rabbit.

What I'm hoping to upload next update.
I'm going to go on a grand adventure to a pharmacy to get my hands on some food and drink, so the next update will be around 8~9.
I hope to make it a long one.

Pat Pat

A scrapped panel. The next update is going to be around 5PM.

Becoming aware of Canada.

Iím sorry for taking time and making you wait while updating.
Itís going to be joined!* Next update at around 2PM

*He posted this after posting the first part of the first Cuba and Canada exchange. After the post more was added to complete the update.

Christmas is so loooooong!!

A scrapped panel Russia.


Now we can freely head south!! Next update at around 11AM.

An official release of a song from an Indian movie. I would like to travel like this.

*A parody of this: http://riceballman.fc2web.com/AA-Illust/Data/Koronbia.html

Itís so cold I canít go buy food.

We went back northÖ! Weíll head south next time for sureÖ
Next update is around 9AM

Weíre heading south!

Weíre finally heading south!
The next update is around 6AM. Iím going to stock up on drawings.

Romano left waiting.

The next update is going to be around midnight.
Thatís for keeping up with such a long Christmas!!


China, Netherlands, Spain and Polandís appearances are coming up.
Next update at around 9k(PM)

I forgot Netherlandsís scar or something.

A paranormal phenomena where a scar disappears and reappears.
The next updates is scheduled for sometime around 6 ~ 7PM.
I want to get to Ďthatí part by today.


The previous Christmas picture. The next update will be around 4PM. (^し^ )

>ヒタヒタ(quietly walking sound effect)looks like七夕七夕(tanabata) instead**

*Gomora Ė a monster from the Ultraman series: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gomora
**Referring to his writing in Spain and Netherlands strip
Tanabata Festival: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanabata


The next update is scheduled for around 1PM.

An unwelcome revelation from an Angel

・It feels like the planned finishing time is definitely going to go past midnight. If youíre feeling sleepy, please get some rest.
・I actually meant 2010 not 2011. Iím getting ahead of myself.
・From here on in is Super Kitayume Time.
・Thanks for all the requests.

Norway's Moi

>I would like to see Santa Norway!

He's right next to me now. Can I take a picture of Norway?

A picture of me isn't something that interesting.

Ah... I don't want to see it...

Moi! Have you finished eating?

Moi! Have you finished eating?
I'm so busy today, I ended up eating
the 5 hesburgers I'd bought beforehand in the green room.

Speaking of Hesburger if you buy Hesburger's Lasten Ateria(Children's meal) you'll also get a toy Have you watched the animated movie Maaginen kristalli(The Magic Crystal) yet?

Since a short while ago, it feels like someone's been watching me
Maybe it's just my imagination...?

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!

Hyv šš joulua! Moi everyone! I'm Finland!

Have you prepared your Christmas ham?
In Finland we spend Christmas with family,
and we have joulukinkku (Christmas ham)
How do you celebrate in your country?

Merry Christmas!


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