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■Missing Santas■

Hyvää joulua!
In Finnish, Santa Claus
is called Joulupukki-san.

Santa's in the process of visiting all the countries around the world!
The American and Canadian armies are tracking them now!

■It Seems Like Yamato is Looking for a Girlfriend Every Year...■

The Barjona members after a while.


■For Some Reason, These Three as Santas■

(↑ says: When you open the box...there's another box inside...)

You see these when you go to grandma's house or a hot-springs resort.

□ Sealand-kun's Christmas □

□With Christmas, Paris, and Noises□

【 There was a time Santa Claus got executed 】

There was a time that everyone's favourite Santa, called Pere Noel
in French, got executed. It really happened in France
in the Normandy region city of Dijon.

I think he meant Burgundy region, because there is a Dijon there but not Normandy, according to Google.

The protagonist of Christmas is not Santa!
"Santa is nothing but a lie!" proclaimed the enraged clergy,
and on December 23rd an effigy of Santa was dealt the punishment
of being burned at the stake on a plaza in front of a cathedral.

During that incident the dreams of the children
running about France were crushed...

The day after that was Christmas eve.

The one who staged Santa's revival was the mayor of that time.

□Help Iggy-iggy□

□1000 Years of Christmas□

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