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Bonjour, France Santa-san.
I have only one wish: please grope Italy and/or Germany with all you've got!
I'm hoping with all my heart it's like the April Fool's event.

Here's a request for the "cute" (lol) Santa.
Lately I haven't seen Germany; even though I love him he's not around!!
Santa-san, please fetch me the handsome Germany!!!

In your Christmas project, please let Germany and Italy
get all lovey-dovey like they never have made out before!!

'Lovey-dovey'... the usual, eh.

I'm thinking this year I'll watch over France nii-chan in real time.
Mess with Japan, too!! Please!!

That's the type of delicious thing we save for last.

Joyeux Noel!
It's the Christmas Bloodbath; if you're attacking,
then go for the "sorcery capital", England!!
Mess with England with all you've got!
If England can be made into an awesome sacrifice, certain demons
(like maybe Russia) just might make a compact with Santa-san?

We're postponing him for later!

France Santa-san! Definitely work hard to wash away
all the usual feelings of bitterness with England-san.
And lastly, France-san, I love you...!

I'm coming to wash them away now!

France nii-san,
I LOVE YOU from ten thousand, and two thousand, years ago!! \(^O^)/
You're really too amazing.
I love you!!

Me too!

Good evening. It's finally the 25th!
I'm always looking forward to France nii-san's activities.
By the way. Since it's Christmas, I'd like Austria-san to play something on the piano...!
A Christmas carol or something...

He's coming up next!

Santa-san! Santa-san! Santa-san!
Switzerland! Could I please have Switzerland!!!
Even better, I think my year should end with seeing the Santa-ravaged Switzerland-san!!!
I have a humble request for France nii-chan Santa.
Please strip Switzerland like you've got nothing left to lose!
I'd like to imprint into my mind the honorable France nii-chan Santa's way of life.

I'll die!
But with France's soul, I'll do as much as I can!

My wish to France nii-san.
For Christmas!
Please strip Germany and Italy at the same time?

That's "Christmas"?
It's the same as April Fool's?!
France nii-chan, good luck!!
I'm looking forward to to the attack! Naked Italy!!

Sorry, Nii-chan has failed you.

Please settle for this!!
(PS: Chest hair was shaved.)

You shaved your chest hair?!
Wait, um... I liked you just like you were! But I definitely like the new you, too!
That's because you're France nii-san!


The way you were lunging in the beginning made me laugh so hard.
I love that kind of France nii-chan!
For now, this service takes place after April Fool's.
While you're celebrating Spain's economic recovery, at the same time,
BANG, I want you to badtouch him with all you've got.

So that guy was here!

Obviously I'm intrigued by Germany, who doesn't get involved
with France nii-chan shopkeeper! It's really bugging me!!

It's because that guy's really serious.
To him, a "shopkeeper" is nothing but a "shopkeeper." Hahaha...

Well, they don't matter.
To cure this loneliness, why don't I go to Spain's house!


I'll take revenge on Germany and Italy later!!

France nii-chan, pleased to meet you and & good morning & Merry Christmas!
France nii-san was as great as I expected...! Bloodbath, hooray!
O great France nii-san, won't you go to Poland's house!?
Please bring the three Baltic countries together
and molest them to your heart's content! d(?v?)

The person* behind them is scary!

[* Russia.]

I remembered April Fool's when I saw the bloodbath.
I wanted to read it, so I looked for it, but...
no luck, there's no diary in April...!!
Pl-please let me have this Christmas present...!
And can I please have Su-san stripped naked. (nosebleed)

I'll pull the records out from somewhere later on!
Ah, and I might be poking around over there too maybe.

A wish for Santa-san.
All you do is look weird, so I'd like to see a cool France nii-chan.
Say that strange expression has become your default face,
I will still like you... I think. Probably.

When am I not cool?!

How about you strip Greece here as the revenge of April Fool's?
I want to see more of Greece!!
If Turkey shows up too, it would be even better!

If you want more of that kid, read on a little further!

My heart... throbbed a little for my shaved nii-chan...

Throb for ALL of me!!

Santa-san, I love you! Long live Christmas!
I think you should strip Russia-san and Switzerland-san too.
Please strip them.

Tomorrow I may be looking down on you from Heaven...

The body count is slowly rising!!
France-niisan is doing such a GOOD JOB!!
I'd like to forever be Nii-san's ally.
If it's all right, I want you to do something to the Glasses Group,
and Su-san and Austria, too.

Next up, I plan to have a nice, hearty meal at the "young master's" house!
Damn rich kid... Hungary-chan will probably be with him...

I want to see Switzerland!
I woke up early to see Switzerland!!
I'm asking you, please do your best. (*∀`*)

Really! Well then, I'll keep it up.

Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.