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It's nearly the 25th! I'm so excited!
I have a bad feeling about this..
Maybe it's because I'm a dog...
Really? I have a feeling it'll be fun!
"Hello! This is sudden, but I'm begging you!
Finland Santa-san, you must run away!
Just run away from there as fast as you can!!

It's for your own future! I'm seriously pleading here!
Finland Santa and Hana-tamago, hurry and run!
Run away quickly and quietly, and don't make eye contact with that dark shadow to your lower right!"
What does this letter mean...?
I think maybe we should take their advice. My canine instinct tells me this.
But I can't just leave my Santa job unfinished...
We'll just finish up here real fast and then run!
Is it really ok...?
Yeah! Ok, next letter!
"The Christmas Project is very exciting!
You're wearing a Santa outfit, right Finland-san?
I want to see a full-body picture of Finland's Santa costume!

If possible, I also want to see Hana-tamago in a Santa costume!"
Here! It's something like this.

I'm the same as always. Maybe it would've been nice to wear a hat, too.
"Moi moi!
Hana-tamago-chan can speak now, so I thought I would take the opportunity to ask.

Do you like the name you got?
I think it's very cute, but when I told my friends they were shocked.
I wonder why?

And it'll be the 25th in a few hours.
I know you're busy with your job but please hurry and end quickly...
Sorry I can only put it so ambiguously.

I was wondering if the three Baltic states were going to come...
I was thinking they might be busy at Russia's, but I would like to see them once.
Well, I'm getting out of here before the black shadow comes!"
At first, I thought "Wahh! What kind of name is he trying to give me!" Recently though, I've warmed up to it.
But still... a "black shadow," a "bloodbath," and "run away"...
It definitely smells like trouble.
I think we should run now.
What are you talking about! We haven't even replied to all the letters yet! Are you getting stage-fright, Hana-tamago?
It's fine. Today is a holy day! I'm sure we're being watched over.
... You really are quite optimistic...

Here's a letter.
"Santa, if you aren't going to run away I think you should at least bring your husband with you. Really. There's a creepy shadow advancing that maybe your husband might not even be able to win against...!"
I said he's not my husband...
You're worrying too much too, Hana-tamago!
I hope it's just that I'm overthinking it...
Is it okay to still write a letter? Shouldn't you be leaving to give presents soon?
Take care, and do your best!

Also, for a present, I want to see Finland Santa's carefree smile!
It'll definitely brighten the holiday season."
My smile? Sure, that's easy!
Ok, before we leave we'll take a picture!
A picture? Yes, that'll make a good commemoration.

(Thank you for the "Run away" warnings)

Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.