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■Asian and Western Festivals■

* On the sign, bugyou 奉行 translates to "shogunate administrator" or "magistrate." It could be short for nabe bugyou 鍋奉行.

* Japanese nabe 鍋 (or maybe in this case, Chinese hu? gu? 火? AKA hot pot) is a cuisine where you have a pot of water/stock/soup simmering in the middle, and then people can throw in meat/veggies/whatever to cook on the table.

* A nabe bugyou is like the head of the table who makes themself responsible for making sure everything is cooked and served the proper way.

* Out of all the Asian Hetalia countries, only Japan doesn't celebrate the Lunar New Year. (China, Hong Kong, Korea, Mongolia, Taiwan, Thailand, Tibet, and Vietnam all do)

* Japan used to observe Lunar New Year, but stopped after 1873 (5 years after the Meiji Restoration) and began to celebrate the new year on January 1.

* My Japanese isn't good, so if you spot any mistakes, please let me know!

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