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So France is having a hangover and I was asked to hi-jack this site~ But I don't know what I'm supposed to do~

Ah whatever~ I'll just make it up as I go~
Wish me luck everyone~!!

I'll even try to last until 6:00 AM~

>> How is France doing? He's alive, isn't he...?

April Fool's Summary

♫ link ↑ is relevant, so do click

So it's a lying spree!!
It's like a free day and about anyone can do pranks!!

(I'm about to give everyone some news stories as a joke!)


【A Polander was made a World Heritage】
   UNESCO has officially registered a Polander as a World Heritage on the 1st of April.

   A Lithuanian, friend of the Polander said, "I'm honestly bewildered. If he is appointed to the World Heritage, then helping him change or making him food would need permission from UNESCO~ I don't know what I'm going to do. And I suggest he quit it with the pink houses." and was expressed with a bitter smile.

So you can be requested with
something like this too...

【An unbelievable scene in Russia】
   Something unfathomable occurred in Russia.

   Rabbits in Russia have been acting strange. Within a span of 70 seconds, without notice, they returned to the snow mountains. The citizens called this the Baltic Miracle.
The young man with glasses whom he knows well went "I've never seen such a scene. Usually one would say 'Ooh that's scary. Global warming can cause strange phenomenon, right? We might have to go to Estonia to sight-see if we want to improve the environment.'"
Someone beside him, because of intense fear, was brought to the hospital.

【Fukushima students working on an OTAROID!?】
   Japanese high school students surprised the whole world with their creation of an android the world has never seen before called "OTAROID".

   This first ever made Otaroid "Endure" is Kitako Ichi's member of the Machine club: Toyama-kun's idea and work.
"Endure anything" has different capabilities from normal robots. It can't clean nor make objects disappear but, it can, however, play and understand erotic games, tell if certain erotic books are good or not, and even recognize voice actors and actresses. Yes, it has really strange abilities.
We were able to have an exclusive interview with Toyama-kun.

―What did you have trouble with when you were developing the Otaroid?
Toyama: "I decided I wanted the H-game while I was developing the android. I was going crazy, calling out for Tanaka Romeo, I didn't know what to do."

―This "Endure" robot, what can this android do to help improve society?
Toyama: "For society... nothing. Honestly, I don't know what I'm going to do with this robot from now on."

♫ Otaku + Android = LOL. It was named "wo taemon" which technically is "endure __", so when you say "nandemo wo taemon", it's "endure anything"
♫ Toyama Iriyoshi is the last dude over here
Tanaka Romeo is a scene writer for bishojo and eroges

【Success in the development of Spain who can read the atmosphere Japan-America】
   While the Japan-America joint development was going on, Spain who was very good at reading the atmosphere, appeared.

   Also during the meeting where Venezuela attacked them, "I want to understand you. Spain does not go for offensive methods." was their speech.
Because of such act, the world has created a storm of emotions. On the down side, "It's like they can see what we're thinking, it's creepy. If you think about it that way, then someone who can't read the atmosphere would be so much better, dammit!" said a henchman, wholly for fame purposes.
A Spanish researcher responded, saying that such a statement is merely going against Spain's definition of reading the atmosphere.

【Italian festivals start here】
   In the southern part of Italy, in the Old Naples territory, is where the festivals begin.

   Amidst the festival, people sing, dance, eat and drink the whole day. It's extremely lively. During this time, people stop working to show their devotion to the festivals.
The main guy of this festival, Romano-san, says "It's too bad we'll have to cut the festival short by a day because of the leap year. I want to make next year's more magnificent, dammit!". Every year, this festival goes on for 365 days.

【Egypt talking in long sentences, witnessed】
   Several people witnessed Egypt talking in long sentences to a Turkish traveler in Cairo.

   At around 3:00 on the 4th, while walking in front of a museum, Egypt just suddenly started talking to a Turkish man called Adnan-san. He couldn't believe how much Egypt was saying.
"I think he was selling me a pot or something. He was talking about how marvelous the pot was for 5 hours. I was going to tell him that he shouldn't sell something like that if the pot is as precious as he claims it to be, but like a rock, I was just silent the whole time." he said with a really strange Edo-accent.

【In Athens, a meeting was held by a union for cats! but... it's pretty rare!】
   In Athens, Greece, a meeting for Japan and Greece's cat fellowship: "The Cat Union" was held. At first, both countries wanted to hold a cultural exchange meeting but the countries' representatives both fell asleep for 45 seconds during the opening ceremony, it was really a weird happening.
Both stated that "The cultural exchange happened in our dreams. There were a lot of cats, and we were really happy. If we're not doing anything, we'd like to continue the cultural exchange in our dreams."

♫ That guy with Greece is Ichihaya Hatoba. His profile says he loves cats and his naming sense is very random, just like someone we all know (ω)

【 ?Sugita Genpaku] is now The Street's Maeno Ryoutaku ra? big hit!!】
   The other day, Singer/DJ Honda-san, with his own expenses, released a CD on The Street's Maeno Ryoutaku ra―. This CD has secretly become a famous product and was out of stock in stores everyday.

   This Sugita Genpaku represents Sugita Genpaku's kindness and humility, composed into a song.
A CD store's shop assistant said "Maeno Ryoutaku is a hit. When their rendition of Kaitai Shinsho caught the people's attention, I heard a lot of people cried."

♫ The "Kaitai Shinsho" (解体新書) lit. the "New Book on Anatomy" is a translation of "Ontleedkundige Tafelen"; Maeno Ryoutaku helped with this project, though Sugita Genpaku remains the more popular proponent.
Japan, really a fanboy

【High-school student Aizu's brilliant achievement! He succeeded in cooking Aizu】
   Living in Yokohama, Aizuwakamatsu High-school student, Aizu Homare-san has cooked successfully for the first time in his life.

   His "devastating" sense of cooking was successful but, today, someone actually told him that it tasted good, for the first time ever.
"I'm always being looked down upon so I'm really glad. Adding soup to chocolate makes it work for me." Homare-san mentions.

♫ Aizu is an area in the Fukushima Prefecture. S'why I left Aizu Homare as is even though his profile says it's Aidu, meh

【A Brit's first brilliant achievement! He succeeded in cooking England】
   An English man living in London, England-san, has succeeded in cooking for the first time.

   For 1000 years, no one in England has succeeded in making a successful dish ever, so England's cooking became a representation of the country's development.
This historic achievement was called "Fish and Chips" and was stored in a British Museum. For 9 days, people commemorated the "Fish and Chips Exhibit". Apparently, the original was there as well.

【"Our Matchless Princess, Unimaginable" was a big hit worldwide】
   The ever famous Sangokushi, a Chinese historical novel, was re-arranged in a really different angle called "Our matchless princess, unimaginable" which was a big hit.

   There had been daily reports of Americans crying in Japan.
Our "Matchless Princess", the modern revival of Sangokushi, was done on such a big scale, that it was directed by Sweden's film company. It was said to go up to 8 million more cardboards boxes.
Famous character Shinatty-chan was promoted to playing Ryuubi, while newbie Bamtaro, who had amazing stage presence, was assigned to play Koumei. An American who first saw this play commented: "It's like a lot of Japanese Anime characters came out, I really liked it. Although that scene of Cha-han saving the village, flying with the wind, was a bit over the top."

Sangokushi = Records of the 3 kingdoms; Ryuubi would be Liu Bei and Koumei would be Zhuge Liang
♫ At first I was thinking, who the hell is Bam Taro? Then it hit me... And that's one creepy looking hamstaaarr Dx

【Year 2008's top breeder has been decided America】
   The annual dog show event was held the other day for the year 2008. There, a German man called Germany-san, marvelously won first place.

  He has become a well-known dog breeder around the world. It is said that he can also breed other living things aside from dogs.

【Canada, found and captured America】
   A man from New York City, America, who has dreamt of catching Canada, has finally done it.

   According to the reports, they were eating breakfast together at Canada's place.

【Canada has been reported missing America】
   Canada, who was just minutes ago, found and captured, is now mysteriously missing.

   It happened a few minutes after Canada was found and captured. An American reported that he just took his eyes off of Canada for a while and then he was gone.
However, a faint presence of laziness was sensed not far from America.
An American man then enthusiastically said "This presence is proof that he's still nearby. I'm sure we'll catch him again in no time!!"

【Female student finds 3 naked male students in classroom. They were arrested.】
   Within the famous Sekai W School's garden, something really odd happened.

   3 men were completely naked, exposing themselves in front of a female student. They were arrested for misconduct.
All three admitted that they were going to go home right away after class, but, in the end, they decided that they wanted to play Antartic Adventures. One of them said, "I'm sorry for what I did. I really didn't want to do it at first, but in the end, I kind of actually enjoyed myuself."

Antartic Adventures, a very epic game, if I do say so myself xD but why they're naked?... IDK
♫ I'm guessing these 3 are: Yamato Nara, Prussia ♥ and Hanazawa Noto

【The Cafe of Origins is really famous South Korea】
   "Welcome back! Your origin is me, y'know."

   Today, this cafe has been so famous that it has been getting hard to reserve seats. It seems the waitresses there claim they're the origin of a lot of things.
The Cafe of Origins' owner, Im Yong Soo, happily says "This way, various origin of things become me."

【The legendary creature, Heidi, found Switzerland】
   For many years, Heidi, that was thought to be a legendary creature, was seen in a picture taken by a German photographer one afternoon at around 3 days ago.

   According to the legend, it rides on a 27m long swing. The German photographer said with burning passion "I just took a picture at the sight of her. I'd like to challenge myself a bit more the next time we meet."
Moreover, this creature was said to be seen passing by the cheese store around the neighborhood. Seems it buys blue cheese a lot.

Maybe I should stay by the train station~ I was troubled, I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy 2 eggs or just 1.

Thanks for keeping us company!!

T/N: Noto (the first dude here) again, whose panties you can see right here
tho he denies it's his

■ April Fool's Sequel ■

Thank you very much!!

■ Opening fake news to the public a bit! ■

【Carry overs occur at Noto6, winner was tragically wounded Sunday】

In the famous lotto place, Noto 6, 6 billion yen was carried over to K.Kabe-san who magnificently won. He says "When I won I thought ''This money ain't for you, got it!?'' and then I couldn't remember the rest." After which, T.Yama-kun returned to Noto6 and hid the stash. Whereabouts of the money is still unclear.

*Guess who runs Noto6!?

♫ Lotto 6, but you guys knew that

>> High-school student Funai Nishinomaru-kun wins 1M Yen in the lottery! However, this money was blown away by the wind to Owari Miwako-san's place, in Aichi...
Miwako-san, who picked it up, saw it was money inside, and promptly bought 1M worth of doujinshi.

* The winner was 15 years old. The one who picked it up was 17.

Owari Miwako is the one above Toyama
♫ Aichi prefecture, back then, was divided into 3 provinces... Owari was one of 'em xD

>> On a certain day in April, Japan made pasta with natto in it. Italy ate it, and was mortified. He swore never to approach that dish ever again.

Because Italy had rejected pasta for the very first time, the whole world (especially Germany), glared at Japan with envy.

* There was actually a time when they recommended natto to Germany. Just for a little while though.

>> Rentals of "heart insertion" have started in Russia.
Too much usage will increase the chance of it falling.
Latvia plans on exporting as well.
It's non-burnable so don't throw with your other kitchen garbage.

* Hearts that do not burn.

【Sealand-kun declares endangered species to the WWF】

* It's good he did.

【Establishing that Hanatamago sheds 3 times repeatedly】

* Too scary!!

【Hungary-san's manga debut (Sunday)】

Hungary-san had the debut of her manga in Japan. The manga contains the pure love of 2 men for each other, a heart-throbbing love story.
We had an interview with her the other day. She stated "I'm really glad that I'm able to draw my hobby to gain profit! I think it's becoming more and more of a state craft. Eh!? Models!? T..that's preposterous!! Really!! It really isn't based off of anyone!!!". But these guys (in the manga), I think I've seen both of them somewhere, or is it just my imagination...?

* Seems like her manga's demand rate is getting higher and higher.

【Latvia International Learning Attainment Degree Exam, brilliant achievement~ Ranking No.1 in Problem Solving~】

According to OECD, each nation hosts an International Learning Attainment Degree Exam, which includes 4 categories: Reading ability, Math literacy, Science literacy and Problem solving. Latvia magnificently ranked no.1 in problem solving.
"Especially Russia's proposal. It was so frank, we can never mimic it." says Estonia.

Moreover, the first place of the reading comprehension category went to South Korea. The idea of the marker going diagonal surprised a lot of countries, including Japan.


Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

【Japan's "I'm sick of 2d" ~The internet is definitely going outdoors from now on~】

April 1st, Japan's "Anti-2dEx-hikikomori declaration" was released. At the same time, from Akihabara "City of Moe and Electronics" to "City of Suits (lol) and Outdoors", and other such reformations were announced.
"I want to step outside more." says a healthy-looking Japan who has had enough of being a hermit.
When a Japanese high-school student mangaka living in Manhattan was interviewed about it, "I wish they'd stop, really." he requested.
According to some otaku, there'll be a riot in Akihabara and they're pretty worried about it.

* I can't stand making bonfires and toasting marshmallows everyday!

♫ We all know what 2d-Complex is rite? Also, this, I have my dibs on England, mai husbando ♡
Hikikomori (引き籠もり): I would've put "recluse", but they're kinda more extreme, uhh yeaaah

【Japanese-English alliance, once again】

The Japanese-English alliance will be bound once again.
It appears, the perverted ambassador England, and the Leave-it-to-me Japan, paired up, and aimed to spread porn all over the world.
Both countries said "Don't tell us we're the only ones who like porn! We'll prove that everyone's actually a real pervert!!"
"I want the world to know of the greatness of 2d. I wish for moe to spread all over the world!"
Still, while both countries were enthusiastically planning to spread their porn, there has been friction between 2d and 3d. What happens in the future will be most interesting.

* There's no such thing as a 2.5d. Also, Germany might have a really deep understanding of what 2d really is...

【Hungary-san's weapon from a frying pan to an earthenware pot...】

* What a cool weapon.

【Historical!! The birth of the Student Council who controls the world】

Year 2008, Barjona, St. Modern North Technical High-school, and Unaharu Fisheries High-school, these 3 schools have decided to pick their representatives. A Student Council officer brings in the result. The new Student Council President is from St. Modern High-school, Owari Miwako-san.
3 months ago: last January, the election campaign was held. The one running for Student Council President for the other 2 schools was Aizu Homare-kun. England was also running for election.
However, dark rumors such as "I'm going to skip out on the Student Council" and "I'm going to forcibly increase the colony" made Owari-san the favorite. Her inauguration will be done with the Student Council's Vice President, France-kun.
Owari-san's comment: "I was pretty confident but having been elected made me happy. As early as next year's April, I want to do my best in installing France-kun's suggestion of a recreated Frere Organization."
※Frere Organization:Is the male version of the famous Sœur Organization. Frere, in France, stands for "siblings".

* Will a Frere Organization actually exist!? The Student Council President battle sounds interesting.

♫ He loves cross-overs, doesn't he?

【Sealand is recognized as a country!?】

* ...When did that happen!?!

>> What about Su-san who is fluent in the country's standard language??

* But if Italy started talking normally then...

>> Everyone ate China's snacks. Hungary and Prussia are getting married!?
>> Buying the pot from Egypt will make you happy!?

*"Because I bought the pot, I was able to marry!"
"Because I bought the pot, I was able to eat snacks I've never eaten before!"

Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.