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Translation: tarafishes

■Gakuen Hetalia Uniforms Europe Class■

(Right) Usual girl's uniform. In spring and fall this becomes long-sleeved. Buttons are dull gold.
(Center) Normally a fitted sweater is the usual. It seems that people also wear sweaters they received from boys.
(Left) Back. Under the buttons there's a corset shape to make adjustment possible.
In the old days, tightening so it it squeezed tightly was popular, but today people adjusting it that way are scarce.
On the contrary, lately many students remove the string.

W Academy's winter-use jacket.
But the sweater is generally only worn during ceremonies, but it's not like everyone's limited to wearing that jacket.

Sweater's color variants. Black, dark brown, and white.
The normal skirt is worn shorter.

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