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[These pages are missing from Chapter 3 of the Main Story.]

[T/N notes: Maybe I should have included this from the start, but when I made these notes I was strictly speaking about Hetalia canon and not historical accuracy. I am fully aware that what is presented in these strips to be conflicting with the ideals of Hitler, the actual invasion, and in general, the implications between Russia and Germany's alliance and intentions in the war. Contrary to what these comics say, yes, Germany was very deceiving in their pact, not for Italy's sake and for its own, of course. There is no doubt in my mind that the main reason Hidekaz deleted these was for their gross inaccuracies to begin with, but please, remember, that this isn't the first time we have seen a historical inaccuracy in Hetalia (American Revolution, for instance, Poland's stance in the wars, etc).

Also, even in canon, Germany is considered a different entity from Hitler and the government, as are most of the Hetalia characters except by the acts that they are carried out to do. Try to remember he, and Russia for that matter, also embody a general citizen from the country they represent, and common Germans were SERIOUSLY in the dark and surprised by much of the acts and instigations of the Nazi party, that is why Germany doesn't get the "bad guy" personality. But rather the stereotypical commander and tough guy personality.


Now, just by looking at this, it doesn't seem so off putting, but really, the first strips were deleted but the third was not. But why? Let's think about this carefully:

Apparently, it was part of Chapter 3 of the original archives of comics, which detailed what happened within the Axis Powers. However, this comic is quite different from that batch, if you all remember. This deals with the pact between Russia and Germany during the World Wars.

However, what makes this so curious is the fact that it hints Germany and Russia have known each other much longer than what the original comic dictates, which made the two know each other, but not enough to have much familiarity as meeting each other regularly. This is why Russia formerly introduced himself in Lietvius.

I suppose, it was for this reason, that it was deleted. Afterall, the idea of a younger Germany as Germany mentions above could have conflicted with the other ideas that Hidekaz had during the time he originally made this depending on what he thought a "smaller/younger Germany" was, considering how the Chibitalia chapter was not too far down the road.

However, the original translation said "smaller", so, younger I made in this case, since it made more sense to me. Smaller could mean slow growth in Hetalia, and not necessarily age (ie Latvia vs America; Latvia in the laptop mascots even mentions this). Germany has also been shown in a strip with England set in 1902 that shows his adult form, so, "younger" fits here appropriately. Regardless, Germany would have been both smaller and younger than Russia, no matter what theory (HRE or Germany is Germany) you believe. Maybe Germany was a teenager/young adult at the time, so, both theories could work.

However, as intriguing as it is, it probably is not considered canon anymore unless you can somehow fit the theories together. If anything, this strip probably should have been placed right after 6. ?]

Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.