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□No-Good Chibis 2□

Coming home, there was a mysterious little kid.


The little kid presses on for acknowledgement today as well.

And then, for some reason, the little kids increased.

□Austria's Annexation□

I visited at the time of Austria's annexation.
According to the national referendum, 97% voted for the merging with Germany.

Though Italy and Hungary were against this until the very end,
it seems that Austria wanted to be together from the very beginning.

There were constructions near Germany's border
but still, this abnormal figure.
Austria sure seems to really like Germany.

According to received sources, Germany's boss was originally an Austrian
So apparently, Austria was in a welcoming mood
when he asked to "Come back to Germany".

And so Germany ushered in Austria filled with pride.
That Ja is HUGE.

During the time of the German Confederation,
It must have been lonely being the only country left out,
despite having used to be a part of the Holy Roman Empire.

While researching, I came across some amusing information about Austria.
Austria's national anthem is terrifying.

T/N: hwoosh: I know shit about German but it was also in Japanese and I was curious as to what's so terrifying soo...
God, protect emperor Francis. Our good emperor, Francis!
Emperor Francis, may you live long. Live the luckiest life. (?! 最高にラッキーな人生)
May laurel branches fully bloom for him, wherever he may go, as praise.
God, protect emperor Francis. Our good emperor, Francis!
Such devotion to Francis LOL. Which makes it creepy I guess? Dx
AND OH LOOK! RESEARCH! If you guys want to sing along or something. I mean, I did ._.

Incidentally, these two countries used to share the same land and nation,
but their personalities are polar opposites from one another.
That story would be told later on.

Off-topic: When Austrians become the higher-ups,
they seem to get angry in a calm manner when the Italians get little done.
The Germans were... well, pretty much the same.

□Inside of you□

I like character costumes. You can see who's inside them.

□Height difference between Su-san and me□

Going over 180cm is normal in Northern Europe,
and apparently, the average height for most Finland males is pegged at around 175cm.
And it seems like the average height gets bigger as you keep heading north.

By the way, the average height in Lithuania is 185cm, believe it or not.
(Reference: Their basketball players are amazing)
Though if you cut down the numbers, they actually seem pretty small.

The average height of women in Sweden goes over 170cm,
which is apparently normal as well.

□Soon already□

Nothing worth noting but, I always end up wondering about the Greek(male)
in my class who has a Kitty-chan mechanical pencil.

□A Greek Joke□

Q: How many Greeks would it take to change a light bulb?

Three. One person to say that it's gotten dark,
another one to say that the light bulb went out
the same time it had gotten dark, and the
third one to say that that's because the light bulb went out.

Greek people and their spacy-ness is so cute.

□New Person□

Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.