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■ One With Many Lovers ■

In movies, Italian troops turn up and there, the local women make their
appearances- this is the flag for the Italians and local girls to fall in love.

Of those, I recommend 'Mediterraneo'.
This is a story about the three-year period Italian soldiers,
who had gone to war in Greece, spending time on a certain Greek island.

The Italian soldiers who got along well with
the Greek grandfather and daughter were cute.

T/N: Movie information may be found here.
Here are excerpts from one of the synopses provided by one of the website's users:
"A comedy about stereotypical Italian soldiers. Draftees almost to a man,
they are inefficient, clumsy, romantics and dreamers. They are sent
to guard the least strategic island in WWII. Where are the enemy?
Not here, just an island of women and children." ... ... "They have
everything an Italian soldier could want; drink, drugs, prostitutes, sun,
sand and sea. What can they do but relax and wait for the war to end."
Sound familiar? Haha. And, this is an Oscar award-winning
Italian language foreign film~ Should check it out.

■ Erotic Ambassador ■

T/N: Which is to say whatever England does isn't. Kinky~

No doubt, he wants to be pure.

T/N: 2D is, obviously, two-dimensional. Excellent explanation here.

■ You Might Be Mine ■

T/N: For some reason, America's decided to end his sentences
with "gates" (for Bill Gates), with Japan following suit

■ If You See A Ghost's Actual Form ■

■ Saying That There Must Be a Book of Magic in There ■

Come to think of it, NY Library's historical archives are really impressive in their completeness. What's so impressive, you ask?

Eh, as I said before, the Italian army crushed pasta using techniques available then, and they didn't bring along their own food into the desert... that is, I heard that the pasta legend is technically impossible, and thought 'Really. But they really did it, didn't they'.

And, going back to the story about NY Library's materials, this book contained thousands upon thousands of pages (just like a book of magic) of 'which army sent what where?' and 'how did the battle lines change?', but

Italian troops really did bring pasta to the desert, as is their customary practice.

Huge quantities of pasta were taken into the North African battle lines. There still remains information from then (though it's just one text about pasta and its quantity, and the importing in of said pasta). As expected of the Italian army! Our opinion of them improves a little!

T/N: the last sentence is literally 'Our imagination [of the Italians] progresses up a gentle incline!'

It's not certain that they requested help from the German army, but the Italian army appears to have eaten pasta in the desert.

The book also contains a wealth of photos of British troops having a meeting around a table in a desert, French soldiers glaring at German soldiers and so on.

The history of pasta is amazing. The whole of Italy got better with the pasta-technique revolution, didn't it?

We also have a story that goes along the lines of: if the inheritance of a Venezian merchant, Ventresquini-san, had actually been distributed in 1270, only a lot of dried pasta would have entered Italy (pasta was a high-class food back then).
[T/N: presumably the inheritance is large enough that everyone can afford pasta? =_=]

The fates of Italy and pasta are tied together, aren't they? But the soulmate, pasta, seems to be in a spot of trouble this year, so are you okay, Italy?!

Reference book:
世界で一番面白い世界史 (World's Most Interesting World History) by 桐生操 (Kyou Misao).
Contains a lot of interesting stories, highly recommended.

■ Hand Grenades of Every Country in WWI ■

German army

As a result of improvements, their shape makes them easier to throw.

In contrast, France uses slingshots to send them flying.


■ It's their proud skill ■

They actually cursed them.
During WW2 England actually held daily
magic ceremonies to curse Germany.

but it didn't have much effect.

On the other hand, Russia during the
Russo-Japanese War cursed Japan with the entire church.

The scary thing is that
it actually seemed to have worked on Japan in later years.


■ A Kid Who Can Do It If He Tries ■

Chibitalia is a kid who can do it if he tries.

At the time Ottoman Turkey was running around Africa, Asia
and Europe, the Italian navy was Europe's strongest force.

In Venezia, called the Queen of the Adriatic Sea, places like
Genova, said to be the world's number one in naval warfare,
were terrible on land but the complete reverse is true once
they're out at sea. They were strong enough to beat up Turkey.

■ Go go Grecian troops! ■

Since today there's the image of Greece at war,
it was felt that the Greek army is quite wonderful.
The large quantity of Grecian's quickly bustling onto a scene was amazing.

But it wasn't just one person. Two to Three people fell.

It seems like there is a close resemblance to another army, huh.

En route they made sure to smile properly
so no matter the time they wouldn't forget to be playful.
The Grecian's were completely defeated.
It's cute that the Canadian army and Italian army
are also good at being playful, aren't they?

■ America's strange invention ■

Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.