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■ Giant Moussaka ■

By the way, the movie Greece that was made is here.
The traditional food Moussaka becomes very violent.

If it were in Japan, it would be like Okonomiyaki
suddenly growing enormous and attacking everything.

The heroine is a cross-dresser and has a gay relationship with the main character.
Speaking of which, Greek movies tend to have a main character with gay hobbies, huh.

The Attack of the Giant Moussaka

■ A Timeless Question ■

【Why is cow meat called beef?】

It seems that British nobles used to employ French chefs
and a system of ordering meat in French was established.
They would say “beef” (cow in French is boeuf),
“pork” (pig in French is porc) and “mutton” (mouton).
So “beef” is actually from the French.

Long ago, when England was conquered by the French,
the French high society stayed around and
the English worked for them for a time
(though this happened after the 100 years war).
It seems that there was a mixing of the English and the French.

By the way, meat from animals like birds and rabbits didn’t get special names.
This is because they weren’t part of the French cooking repertoire.

Anyway, it seems that England relied
too heavily on French cuisine and consequently
they developed rather poor taste, saying things like
“Macdonald’s is delicious! Not only that, but it’s cheap, too!”


[ロンドン 22日 ロイター]
英航空大手ブリティッシュ・エアウェイズ(BA)(BAY.L: 株価, 企業情報, レポート)は、客室乗務員が自分用の食事を電子レンジで加熱することを禁止した。4月30日のヒースロー発マイアミ行きのBA便で、客室乗務員がスーパーで買ったカレーを高度3万5000フィート上空で電子レンジを使って温めたところ、レンジ内部で爆発を起こしたことが背景。




■ The well-informed Holy Doki-Doki Empire ■

T/N: "Doki-doki" being the onomatopoeia for the heart-pounding feeling you get around a crush.

T/N: Did my best to approximate the cutesy-handwriting vs block typed text. Hope it worked? ^^

■ Kawaii Poland's Polish joke ■

Tomorrow will be Italians.

Ah, I love Polish jokes.

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