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□New York People's Chic-ness□

I shall answer your question.

>New York is famous for having a chic image,
but is that what it's like in reality?

Yes. Quite chic.

Italian people and

French people are quite chic.

But New Yorkers, when it comes to fashion
are quite rough.

Mild: T-shirt
Normal: button-up shirt
Cold: hoodie
More Cold: down-coat

Is the general rotation of clothing.
They spend their time dressed quite comfortably.


Normally, in England, if you say maid,
this sort of maid comes to mind, but

If you put "French" in front, it immediately becomes
this sort of image.

England and France's bad relations are famous, aren't they?

Both these countries bilaterally use eachother's names
to change the meaning of words.
In English, putting "French" in front of a word
generally changes the word to mean, foolish or vulgar.

Now that I mention it, pornographic videos
are also called "French Movies."

Incidentally, in France, words with "Anglais (English)"
in the front generallytake the meaning of vulgar.
Also, in French cooking, "Anglais" in the front
will mean either plain, simple, or unappetising.

□Twisted Noble□

A serious story that happened in Austria

Presidential candidate Kurt Waldheim was confirmed
to have originally been an officer in the German army.
That scandal became dominant throughout the world,
and America, England, France, etc. opposed violently.

Doing this caused Austria which had previously
treated the situation as "Well, Kurt Waldheim is a bit..."
to alter course in the complete opposite direction.

"Why do other countries have to interfere!
The Austrian president is for Austrians to decide!"

Was what everyone thought,
and Kurt Waldheim's approval rating shot up.
He even became president.

Incidentally, it seems that Kurt Waldheim
was banished from America.
But Austrians can unexpectedly
lock into a position, can't they?

The Mr. Newspapers from around the world.

Reference: Austria (Shinchosha)
From World War to Waldheim(Ruth Wodak)

□My Younger Days□

Which reminds me, according to some information
I read, Poland had a questionnaire on
"Other countries according to affection and aversion"
and Italy apparently shined on top for likability.

As expected of countries that have each
other's names in their national anthems.

By the way, of course, the most hated country was Russia.
Vietnam, China, and Germany are also apparently hated.
Liked countries seem to be France (Poland was under
France's care in WW2 and all), Japan, England and America.

But as for why Lithuania and the other Baltic states were
not in the rankings, perhaps it felt like they were already
like family, and so weren't considered.

Fiat-san told me of this site, JAPLAND,
and I really recommend it for getting
information on Poland.

T/N: I was surprised about the national anthem line, but I looked it up,
and Italy is indeed mentioned in Poland's national anthem.
It seems Poland is also in Italy's, which makes the line make more sense.
T/N2: It's actually JAPOLAND, which makes a lot more sense.
Himaruya actually typoed it first, I am merely copying it as it's a translation.
I also went with the idea that Fiat-san is just a friend, as eruraito suggested,
but as many people mentioned in this topic, Fiat is an Italian car
that was apparently very popular in Poland. Take that as you will.

□Finland's Holiday Home□




Continuation here.

■Popular Spain■

□Notebook Scribbles□

□NO kangaroo NO koala□

A cheer for Austria who, last year, in a sulk
changed his name, but nobody would remember at all.

■ Smaller ■

It's kind of graffiti of when they were smaller

■ Stop it, jeez~ ■

T-shirts that spoiled the final volume of the
English-made Harry Potter series were quite fashionable.

I don't know the spoiler, so I just made something up that fits.

This is a matter of no importance, but I like to
make England speak using typical Tsundere words

"Don't misunderstand!
The pound is high for my sake!"

□ Pasta isn't coming □

The South mainly eats pasta.
Only the North's dinner table is in Switzerland's and Germany's sphere of influence.

■ Let's try it! The way someone from the Meiji era would give a phone call ■

In the 23rd year of Meiji, Japan's phone system
first made an entrance. It seems that about 280 people
had one at the time.

And, at that time, people who used the telephone would use
"what ho" and "hello" when using the phone.
Eventually, the citizenship decided upon "hello" but,
"what ho" has the sound of a true Tokyoite and is nice, don't you think?

T/N: So, in Japanese, it's moshimoshi for hello when you pick up a phone.
translated that to hello. The "old way" is "oioi" which I translated to what ho,
which doesn't sound very Tokyoite at all, but it sounds kind of old fashioned.
If you've got a better idea though, I'm open to suggestions.
Oh, also, Meiji 23 is 1890, I believe.

Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.