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Translation: rouge_roseo321, tomoyodaidouji, hikari-kaitou
Original | LJ Post: 1, 2

■Comic Diary Summary■

Come to think of it, I recently received an email about Greece's hair style, so I'll just leave this here.

■Therapy for Spain■

[T/N: Ah, France, always bringing up exactly the sort of vocab that isn't
in dictionaries. 焦らしプレイ - more commonly known as "erotic denial"
(but I couldn't get the irritating/teasing aspect in with that translation) -_-]

■Just Like Switzerland■

[T/N: the progression of Korea's thoughts follows the pattern of a Japanese word game
called "shiritori". The first person says a random word, the next player has to use the last
syllable of the word the first player said as the first syllable of the word they use.
Each player is under a time limit to think of their word.
So in this case, the original text reads "Ore-(re)->retasu-(su)->suisu".]

■Hinaji Technique■

[ T/N: This is a Kitakou Broadcasting Club strip. Another series by Himaruya. ]

T/N: This is kind of a pun because China asked
"Ware, kawaii aru ka? (Am I cute, aru?)" and Japan
replies "Tottemo kawaisou desu. (You're very pitiful)"
but they sound similar, so.

The "you-know-what".The fact that they all possess that special Chinese
quality even though it's managed by the state is very China-like, and I think that's nice.
For example, the place where the person inside comes out...

■Japan's view on Switzerland■

■Together with Su-san■

Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.