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Translation: dawnelkin, nisecal, minjii
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■The Cuisine That Was Originally England's■

*Nikujaga = "Meat Potato"
*Konjak/solidified jelly made from the rhizome of a devil's tongue

The history behind nikujaga is moe.
You just can't thank the underlings who made the delicious nikujaga enough, can you?

T/N: Semi-Translation of the Article
The roots behind nikujaga is beef stew?
Talks about the true history behind nikujaga: according to the article, Togo Heihachiro, a world-famous admiral, couldn't forget the taste of the beef stew he ate while studying in the UK, so he ordered his underlings to make it, which was the beginning of nikujaga.
At the time, Japan had no wine or butter, so they used rock sugar, soy sauce and sesame oil instead, and ended up as something boiled in sugar, mirin, etc. It's a far cry from beef stew, but nikujaga had a good balance of nutrients, and it was easy to make. It became widespread in popularity among navy soldiers who were troubled by vitamin deficiencies on long journeys across the sea.

Speaking of which, there's a legend that British-style curry
(the thick-sauced curry eaten in Japan) was created when a housewife,
sick of stew, added some curry spices into the said stew.
The route to making stew and British-style curry is certainly the same.

Indian curry has a lot of soup-like sauces, sort of like dry curry-ish.
According to Indians, that syrupy curry is heresy.

■Take It Latvian■

T/N: "I've decided to not call out Latvia's name anymoreeaAAA--"

□An Ally Country's Lunchbox□

Seated at the corner of NY Italian restaurants, if there are people
radiating excessive amounts of intimidation, they're Germans.

Germans love Italian cuisine, don't they?

■The Week in Valentino■

□Korean Children's Song□

T/N: Read from right to left.

Somehow, THIS SONG HAS TAKEN OVER MY BRAIN (there's sound).

1. Top script was literally, 아저씨 만세 (ajosshi/mister mansae), only it was in Japanese text
2. Many thanks to the existence of archive.org to making a dead-since-2007 site accessible again!
Thank goodness the flash file is still around for us to share. ♥
Found it cute that Himaruya tried to write the lyrics into Japanese only to be somewhat off.
He wrote "kokin", which could be the Korean word for "meat", rather than "kokinun" for "large nosed"
Threw us to the gutter for a while (+no thanks to the article below) until we finally found the song.

For anyone interested, here's the lyrics and a rough translation:
코끼리 아저씨는 코가 손이래
kokkili ajosshinun koka sunirae
Mister Elephant uses its nose as a hand

과자를 주면은 코로 받지요!
kwajarul jumyonun koro badjiyo
If you give it a cookie, it will take it with its nose

코끼리 아저씨는 소방수래요
kokkili ajosshinun sobangsuraeyo
Mister Elephant can be a firefighter

불나면 빨리 아 모셔 가지요
bulnamyun ppalri ra mosyo kajiyo
If there is a fire, he can quickly get to it

Korean version of elephant-san. Elephant-san is copulating amazingly from behind!
Then, related to Korea's elephant-san.

Translation of the Article

(T/N: Yeah this is the "explicit"/TMI stuff. FEEL FREE to skip if you like!)

A lot of men fret about small penises. Among them are also people who try to enlarge their sexual organs by stinging them with a bee'.

Men who mistakenly believe their 'symbols' are small

There are men who enlarge their own sexual organs by stinging it with a bee. There are also those who lose their lives to the bee's venom. Even so, these bee-stinging believers tie up their own sexual organ and cut off the blood circulation. Then, by smearing on bee's venom just around the penis area, they make it swell up... // ...A lot of men think their their own [sexual organ's size] is 'abnormal'... American men's penis size on average is 14.7cm when erect... // The length of a Korean man's sexual organs is normally 7.4cm, 11.4cm when erect. The circumferance is normally 8.9cm, 11cm when erect.

T/N: =_= It goes on to talk about the, ahem, elasticity of female sexual organs in accomodating men's, the development of penises during puberty, as well as the size of women's clitoris.


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