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■America and the World Map■

The Alamo grudge.
“Remember the Alamo!” is a very well-known phrase.

T/N: There was one kanji in America's bubble in the second frame
that I couldn't quite make out so I made a guess.
If anyone knows better than me, please correct me.
Also, judging by the placement of Nevada there,
looks like Himaruya isn't exactly the geography expert, either XD

■Summer Break Project: Understanding Italy■

By the way, Japan couldn't win against his curiosity and pulled it long ago.

■From the English Army’s Activity in Iraq Manual■

If you encounter the American military, announce loudly
that you are the British military and display your Union Jack.
If you are shot at, promptly run in the opposite direction.

■Aniki, me, and the breast romance■

You will find out the origin of this if you ask Professor Google.
(*´∀`*)Hooray, breasts. (Perverted phrase)

■This is an Ero-ge?■

>Why are both choices R-18?

Speaking of that, I completely fanboyed over
the 10th person from the top in this link.
A big-shot Korean who learned Japanese just to play eroge. (*´д`*)pantpant
Furthermore, below that is a three-part joke with Italy (picking up girls),
Poland (vending machine thief), and Russia (Sakura Wars).

■Terribly fond of quirky hair■

This is totally unrelated, but about how Italian insults
are awfully cute when you pronounce them.
I don’t think it would be scary at all even if someone were angry
and shouting “Vaffanculo!” at you (´∀`*) ufufu

■America's English and the original English from the UK are a bit different■

In America "rubber" (eraser) means condom.(´ー`*)

■The Mechanisms of You and Me■

It's a mechanism that creates an outbreak of gay during wars.

Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.