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Translation: alcnolien, donamoeba
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■We’re not friends while training, but Boss and Subordinate■

■Japan Has a Cold■

■Anglo-Japanese Alliance■

If you’re wondering “Why doesn’t the sensitive Anglo-Japanese Alliance
have sufficient explosive power?” (Laugh)
It’s probably because I forgot which one of them was the tsukkomi.(´ー`*)

Their characters resemble each other because
they’re mutually island countries, don’t they?(*´∀`*)

And yet, the mutual Bokes are totally not composed.(´ー`*)

Unable to read the situation.

T/N: For those of you who don't know what "Tsukkomi" and "Boke" refers to, here's a link.

■The Allied Sentai Forces■

Come to think of it, it seems recently that England really likes curry, huh?
England just eating curry, how cute. (*´∀`*)

Also, it seems he will absolutely will not call fried potatoes “French Fries”
He hates France to that extent, huh? (laugh)

T/N: "Sentai" refers to shows like Power Rangers and Sailor Moon
(yes that counts) with teams of warriors fighting bad guys
or rescuing kittens or whatever it is they do.

■A Demanding Santa■

■A Brief Christmas Story■

Today is the Christmas on the Battlefield episode.
The English troops and the German troops continue glaring at each other-
A True Christmas Story.

It seems that both sides really started playing Soccer together.
This story’s been made into both a picture book and an anime.(´ー`*)
It seems like it’d be a really sad anime....

Come to think of it, something’s said about that that battlefield.
It seems both sides had a motive because it was troublesome
so they pretended to fight
(The appropriate course of action was to exchange blows,
but of course they just made it look like it)
It appeared to be a non-commital, peaceful war front.

Also, Italy and China apparently amused themselves with Basketball....
Japan apparently appeared in some stories in certain places.
Still, what was Italy thinking? (´ー`*) Italy’s so moe.

T/N: Yes, I know that England and the rest of the world call Soccer "Football", but....
I can't remember if my excuse at the time was
"Well, I don't want to confuse any of my fellow Americans
who have any remote possibility of getting confused, and I'm pretty sure
the rest of the English-speaking populace will know what I'm talking about"
or just plain laziness. If you guys want me to make England more English-y, I'll change it.

This is an ahoge?


Axis Powers Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz and Gentosha comics.