Principality of Wy
[Capital] Wy
[Official language] English

Comic Bio: She wasn't able to build a highway in her house so she went independent. Prince Paul is an artist who wears a crown of cloth and often goes out to sketch. Their official site is cozy and confusing but cute. Her famous senior (senpai) The King of the Principality of the Hutt River is also there.
Translation: nisecal

Vol 4 Bio: She's an artistic girl who declared independence because [Australia] didn't make a road for her, and got recognised! She is now getting enthusiastic and making the national anthem, the national flag and stuff!
Translation: nemui-10pm

Micro Profile: A girl artist and an excellent one too, who's usually a bit mouthy, but her child side does show at times. Might have inherited a few characteristics from Australia. She enjoys finding fun stuff to do and her freedom. Even though she's been tenatively recognized, she's bumped into the same class as Sealand and Seborga and the like are in. Because she got angry that she couldn't build a driveway in front of her home, she declared independence. Possibly because of Australia's relative generosity, he really recognized it as a country. The Prince of Wy is an art professor. He created costumes, a national anthem and wrote articles and uploaded pictures and the like on to the official home page. The prince is very energetic. The official site has received a new and pretty good site layout recently.
→Australia - It's great being recognized and all, but where's my driveway?
→Principality of Hutt River - My senior nation. Don't really understand my senior that much though.
Translation: spaceinvaderdud

Vol 6 Bio: A little girl that decided to get her independence when she wasn't allowed to have a road built. She was officially accepted and is now busy coming up with an anthem and a flag. She loves art and draws every single day.
Translation: lost-hitsu

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