[Official Name] Repiblik Sesel (Republic of Seychelles)
[Capital] Victoria
[Official Language] Seychellois Creole
[Birthday] June 29

2nd Web/Vol 2 Bio: A beautiful island floating in the Indian Ocean that is often called “The Last Paradise”. She’s a southern country girl with the characteristics of light brown skin, black hair and red ribbons, and a personality of a maybe-too-big heart and a little bit of sloppiness. She’s achieved 0% self sufficiency with food, and often laments over her high cost of living, but she’s visited by France and England a lot so she’s still living pretty carefree. She speaks a mysterious language that has French, English and various other languages mixed in together.
Translation: nisecal

Vol 4 Bio: Untranslated.

Vol 6 Bio: A music-loving young girl surrounded by bright flowers. Her country is surrounded by the beautiful ocean with swordfish guarding her borders. She leads a busy life consisting of singing, catching fish, sleeping, and the occasional prank call to England.
Translation: lost-hitsu

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