Vol 4 Omake Bio: His nature is rather ungreedy; he appears calm and good at business, is tall, and tries to be philosophical. He seems to also have another side, another part, lol. In foreign countries, this easygoing manner is called relaxed governing or such things. He often has a businesslike manner, but he jokes around with Portugal, China, and Hong Kong. He treats Taiwan like a proper lady. His underlings, too, are skillfull, and cooking and making toys and textiles are specialties. Their number one specialty is porcelain and ceramics. These are their number one goods. He often wears smart-looking suits to casinos and in business-related things. He also connects strongly to Hong Kong; they associate as good business and cultural partners. When Hong Kong also had a rapid growth, he restfully watched over him without rivalry, and he sought his own connections in Europe.
Translation: yanderenka

Vol 5 Bio: A nice fancy guy with a wide perspective. He loves to gamble, but he has a steady and stable lifestyle!
Translation: wiccat

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