Human Name: Toris Lorinaitis - Age: 19
[Official Name] Lietuvos Respublika (Republic of Lithuania)
[Capital] Vilnius
[Official Language] Lithuanian
[Birthday] February 16
[National Flower] Common Rue

1st Web/Vol 1 Bio: Exists as the eldest brother of the three Baltic states, used to be a member of the Teutonic Knights, but established independence as the Kingdom of Lithuania after a rebellion against Christianity but was often pursued by German knights hoping to convert them into Christianity. After that, became a commonwealth with Poland and peacefully converted to Christianity. But was taken over by Russia after a fight over the annexation/partition of Poland. A good-natured person who likes to take care of people, and even though he has the Baltic attribute of being introverted, is the type who will take one into his heart when he gets used to that person. But, perhaps it is because of this sort of personality that he holds the infamous record of having the highest suicide rate of the world. Loves martial arts and literature. Also, his car is definitely a second-hand car. Is particular about taste, and is known to use many flavours of ketchup and mayonnaise in a day.
Traslation: youkofujima

2nd Web/Vol 2 Bio: Polandís partner. It feels like heís usually just dragged around by him, but he has a good time. Heís pretty serious with a lot of patience, but he usually thinks too much, gets depressed and gives himself a stomachache. During the time of the Soviet Union, it was like waking up to a strange theme park being built. Anyway, after gaining independence from Russia, heís currently rehabilitating with Poland.
Translation: nisecal

Vol 3 Bio: A serious young man with a strong body! More serious than Germany and worse at understanding jokes! He used to be awesome, but recently he hasn't been blessed by his bosses!
Translation: rinrin0

Vol 4 Bio: The super serious and troubled youth of the three Baltic states! Poland pushes him around, and he is dangerously exposed to Russia's gaze!
Translation: tarafishes

Vol 5 Bio: He likes to look after others, he is like the big brother figure! He has some issues with Poland and Russia, and is worried about what Russia will do next!
Translation: wiccat

Vol 6 Bio: A very serious young man that is always ordered around by Poland. He's in the habit of stressing out too much. But he is very strong at heart.
Translation: lost-hitsu

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