2P Genderbend

Human Name: Honda Kiku - Age: secret - Height: 165 cm
[Official Name] 日本国 (State of Japan)
Capital] Tokyo
[Official Language] Japanese
[Birthday] February 11
[National Flower] Cherry Blossom, Chrysanthemum

1st Web/Vol 1 Bio: A small country that appeared in the latter half of the world's history and didn't take more than several decades to become a powerful country in the orient. As an island nation, he holds distinct cultures and customs which other countries see as mysterious even though he himself thinks he's perfectly normal. Has a personality where he doesn't know much about the world, but is hard-working, serious, skilled with his hands, and needs time to adjust to other people. Loves watching the seasons change by admiring flowers and the moon, believes elegance is the best.
Traslation: youkofujima

2nd Web/Vol 2 Bio: The country of floating soldiers in the Orient. Quiet and serious, but because he's a little straight-laced his surroundings are kind of show-off-y. He's good at messing with machines and drawing. Including the fact that even though he is an island nation, the reason he had a time when he stayed indoors always was because he wanted to keep the uniqueness of his culture and atmosphere. Him thinking that that's normal is pretty not normal.
Translation: nisecal

Vol 3 Bio: A quiet, serious, Oriental, warrior nation. His special skills are reading the atmosphere and being tactful. His island nation has a reputation for having a mysterious culture and thoughts! He enjoys himself during all four seasons!
Translation: rinrin0

Vol 4 Bio: An island country floating in the orient which inherited the samurai spirit. He completely overreads the atmosphere, however he, himself, thinks about ordinary things!
Translation: tarafishes

Vol 5 Bio: The mysterious oriental country of the samurais! He is very serious and extremely punctual! For some reasons people connect him with cat ears! There were excavations taking place in his garden lately!
Translation: lost-hitsu

Vol 6 Bio: A grandpa that is particularly good at bowing and reading the atmosphere. He likes to just go with the flow. He's good at making both 2D and 3D models.
Translation: lost-hitsu

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