Human Name: Elizaveta Héderváry
[Official Name] Magyarország
[Capital] Budapest
[Official Language] Hungarian
[Birthday] 1867 June 8
[National Flower] Geranium, Tulip

1st Web/Vol 1 Bio: A long time ago, Hungary was a nomadic nation that chased horses on the plains. After settling down, became a pitiful nation that was constantly invaded by other nations. Because other nations aren't really nice to her, she loves Austria because he was a bit kinder to her. The Monarchy of Austria-Hungry had a compromise that said they would support each other in a fight...though it was more like asking Austria for help. Even though it was for a short time, Hungary is proud of the union she had with Austria. Her personality is introverted, but she works hard behind the scenes. Sometimes her tongue slips and her potty mouth from her days as a horse-riding nomad would rear its ugly head. Doesn't get along with Romanians to the point she'd use Romanian names to name her dogs.
Traslation: youkofujima

2nd Web/Vol 2 Bio: Opposite of her appearance, she is a gallant girl who used to be a nomad. She’s a lovely older sister-type whom you can rely on if you call for her. But she’s scary if you become her enemy. Usually she behaves very gracefully, but sometimes a face that shouldn’t appear, appears. She’s probably the manliest in this comic. Even now, she still does a lot of things with Austria. She and Romania are like cats and dogs.
Translation: nisecal

Vol 3 Bio: Austria's neighbor! A long time ago, she was part of an equestrian tribe, but since she has settled, she's become more gentle! Her friendship with Poland is great!
Translation: rinrin0

Vol 4 Bio: In the old days, a real tomboy who chased horses on the plains! Today, a lovely big sister, however, get her angry and she's awwwfully scary!
Translation: tarafishes

Vol 5 Bio: She is the slightly unlucky character, but she works very hard!She loves the hot springs, and she likes to sing scary songs!
Translation: wiccat

Vol 6 Bio: This lady is brave and reliable. She is usually very ladylike, but she's pretty scary when facing her enemies. She sings frightening songs!
Translation: lost-hitsu

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