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Update: January 24, 5:31am CST

Sorry, I keep forgetting to update the main page! I tried cleaning up the menu links a bit. It was brought to my attention by someone that the Community and RP Masterlists were way outdated. I honestly no longer have the time to regularly maintain them, and I think they've outlived their usefulness. I've removed them from the site. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause anyone. If there was any info you needed from those lists, please send me a message and I'll try to help. I do still have the original files backed up.

Update: December 12, 10:10pm CST

It's been a busy month! If you aren't already aware Gentosha has announced a 6th season of the anime in 2015 which will be titled Hetalia The World Twinkle. It will have the same animation style as season 5 The Beautiful World with Daisuke Namikawa returning to his role as Italy and singing the new theme song.
Also Shueisha has announced that Hetalia World Stars will be printed in it's first volume on February 4, 2015. This volume will contain the serialization of World Stars. This will be the 7th volume of Hetalia.
We have also updated the Scanlations portion with today's Chapter 24 of World Stars.

Update: November 4, 10:34pm CST

I was having some trouble, but I finally got the scanlations pages caught up. It includes Chapter Thirteen of Hetalia World Stars, Roman Emperors having a chat in Nonlinear, and 2013/2014 Halloween Event page 7, 2014 Halloween Blog Omake through the event section.

Update: October 31, 4:50pm CST

Just updating to say that Chapter 12 of World Stars is now available and so is a new blog strip, called "Private Concert", which I cross posted to nonlinear. Guard your hearts well.

Update: October 28, 2:42pm CST

Sorry for the delayed updates! I was super busy preparing for Hetalia Day last week! But just to let you know, I've caught up with posting the last three chapter (9, 10, 11) of World Stars. Please read them if you haven't already! I'm working on keeping up with the Bamboo Thicket 2 blog mirror as well, but Himaruya's been making a lot of updates recently, so it's a little difficult. I'll do my best!

Update: October 17, 2:55pm CST

Ahh, I was in a hurry last night and forgot to mention here that I got Chapter 8 of Hetalia World Stars added! Please read it if you haven't already.

Update: October 13, 10:37pm CST

Chapter 7 of Hetalia World Stars is up! Also of note, I finally officially announced the "Old Blog" section. It has mirrors of the memo pages from Kitayume and a few caches of older blog pages from the site that were recovered through some internet archives. A lot of them are untranslated, but they're pretty cool to have.

Update: October 10, 2:25am CST

I keep doing everything in a hurry and I forget to update this main page. But I have been adding the new World Stars chapters! It's up to chapter 6 now. Please check them out!

Update: September 25, 9:33pm CST

It's been busy this week so I forgot to update that I uploaded the scanlations for World Stars Chapter One. By now there's scanlations up for World Stars Chapter Two!! Please read them when you can!

Update: September 21, 10:21pm CST

Super exciting news for Hetalia fans! It was just announced that Himaruya will have a new Hetalia serialization through Shonen Jump Plus! It's called Hetalia World☆Stars! The first chapter is up and the expected update schedule is weekly on Mondays and Fridays! I've added a new page for World Stars in the Scanlations section, but we're still waiting on translations. I'll update again when they're fully available!

Update: September 14, 6:10am CST

I apologize for not listing updates here. I tend to mention them more on tumblr since it's a bit easier to update, which is why I have the tumblr feed above.

As far as actual news, there are some upcoming books in Japan, which I have added to the upcoming released box. For website news, I finally finished filling out the image galleries for Book, CD and DVD covers. I just have the new books to add later on.

Also of note, Hetalia Day is coming up soon in October! So if you want to meet up with fellow Hetalia fans, look for a meet up in your area or feel free to organize your own! Check out the Hetalia Day website for more info!

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